Do-It-Right-the-First-Time Service & Maintenance

We are prepared when you need us. When you need satellite administration, our 2400 sq. ft. storeroom and administration shop has the hardware and parts to get you back fully operational rapidly. Our guarantee on modulators, the key part in a mass TV framework, is 5 years! Our administration trucks are on the whole radio and PDA prepared so we can get an administration truck to your office in the quickest time conceivable. You need a vocation done right – without any reasons. Our experts introduce, keep up and test your framework to your total fulfillment.

In-House Skilled Technicians

Our establishment and administration staff are representatives of The Satellite Center, not contractual workers that go back and forth. Each is a completely prepared satellite specialist who takes pride in carrying out your responsibility right the first run through. Social insurance offices, get some information about our Firestop Systems and Infection Control Installation methodology and accreditations.

Why are we so confident?

With more than 500 extensive business satellite TV establishments, running from clinics and airplane terminals to sports bars and orthodontist workplaces, we’ve fabricated an abundance of information and experience about satellite digital TV. Our administrations keep social insurance offices competative, visitors cheerful, and we even increment inhabitance rates and yields at campgrounds and RV Parks.

Go With Satellite and Stay Competitive!

  • Buy only the channels you need– ala carte or select among numerous packages.
  • Bulk Channel Packages Available at 50% Less Than Cable!
  • 100% All Digital Video and Sound Quality
  • Hi-Definition Options
  • Flexible Programming Option
  • Local Channels and Public Television Channels Included- even the channels being eliminated or moved to higher-priced rate tiers by cable companies
  • Eliminate costly Set Top Boxes and mini converters being required by cable companies
  • All equipment meets FCC regulations
  • In-House and Community Channels Included
  • Integrate Your System with Digital Signage
  • Firestop Systems and Infection Control Installation Procedures
  • Our warranty on modulators, the key component in a bulk TV system, is 5 years
  • Free Radio Reading Services for the blind (in select areas)

Comparison Chart
The war between Cable and Satellite

Cable TVSatellite TV
Introduction (from Wikipedia)Cable television delivers television programs to subscribers via radio frequency signals transmitted through coaxial cables or light pulses through fiber-optic cables.Satellite television delivers programming via communications satellites and is received by an outdoor antenna, usually a parabolic reflector called a satellite dish.
EquipmentCable box and remoteDish and box
InstallationVisit from technician to install the junction box into your home.Visit from technician to install a dish on the roof.
AvailabilityOnly in areas close to network providers (usually unavailable in remote or rural areas)Anywhere in the US
ContractMonth to monthUsually a year
ProvidersComcast, Time Warner Cable, Sudden Link, Cablevision, Cox, CharterDISH Network, DirecTV
Bundle servicesReadily availableAvailable sometimes
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